During the early battles of the Civil War (known sometimes in Virginia as The War of Northern Aggression) people would pack a lunch and travel by carriage to view the battles. Throughout the U.S., but primarily in the Mid-Atlantic states, you  can still pack a lunch, get in your (horseless) carriage and bring your cameras to reenactments of Civil War Battles. Attending a big reenactment is as close to a real battle as you can get, at least until the cannon set off the car alarms.  The reenactors take their events seriously, and have been “enlisted” to participate in movies about the Civil War, including the 1993 “Gettysburg”.

In Virginia, several of the reenacted battles occur on the original battlefields and are accessible for both viewing and photography. Two of the better photo-ops are are the Shenandoah Valley. They are the Battle of New Market, and The Battle of Cedar Creek, both staged on the original battlefields. Black and White seems more appropriate for this type of photography, so I shoot in color and convert to B&W in Photoshop.