The thought of “going public” with LimberlostPhoto was the result of a conversation with a couple co-workers who didn’t want to retire, Why? - they had developed absolutely no interests outside of work and were afraid to retire. Photography is a hobby that can help fill that void. “Photography from the side of the road”, also called "Car-Seat” Photography, can be practiced by almost anyone that can sit in a car, look out the window, and hold a camera steady. While it’s hard for my mind to accept, I’m a “senior citizen”, I’m enjoying the advent of arthritis and not as “limber” as I used to be, hence the basis for the name of this site.

I spend most of my time with nature photography but, I’ve also taken cameras to work to photograph in an industrial environment. I’m rarely without a camera nearby and whenever I do leave it home, I always seem to miss a great image opportunity. I travel with my CANON cameras almost exclusively by “Air Honda” due to the very flexible schedules, no cost route changes at any whim, and frequent layovers, usually at or near a National Park or other scenic location.

About Me:

I’m a university graduate with a fascination for science. Trained as an engineer, I've spent most of my career in some form of process improvement, interrupted by a few years managing manufacturing facilities and had a couple years as visiting professor of Technology Transfer at Virginia Tech. I’m a NIST Certified Instructor and am considering a series of photography workshops designed for people who are not as limber as they used to be. If you are interested send a note to

I follow a philosophy on photography which is, in the final analysis, the only person that has to like you images is YOU!

SO, why not join me on the Limberlost Trail . . .